Monday, December 12, 2016

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Grade Five Guest Bloggers

My life as a reader...........

All our grade five students were invited last week to submit a draft for consideration as a guest blogger on
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Why should students blog?

 ~Open Reflection – The most important thing we ask our students to do is make connections.  Instead of simply dumping information into our brains, we have to take time to think about what we are learning and make meaningful connections. Blogging allows us to sit down, write, and reflect. 

~Develop Literacy using a positive digital footprint – Blogging is a great way to write and share ideas. The nice thing about a blog is that basically anything with an embed code can be placed into that space.  This gives many different opportunities for students to share their voice while becoming fluent in 21st century literacies.

~Student Voice – Giving students a space to share their voice is extremely important. In a blog, you may learn a lot about not only what students have learned or know, but what they are passionate about.

I encourage all our students to challenge themselves to share their voice by submitting a proposal.  Caregivers, please feel free to support your fifth grader by encouraging them to participate and to be a sounding board for their ideas.

Finally, I look forward to each vacation as a time to reflect on where my students have been and where I hope we will go as learners when we return to school refreshed and rejuvenated.  
Vacation would not be complete without a good read.  Please share what you'll be reading over the next few weeks, as I usually get my best recommendations from a fellow reader!

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