Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We are pleased to post our second book review by a Grade Five student.

Forge reviewed by Melia Haugen


By Laurie Halse Anderson

Forge has an exciting plot line wrapped in history, adventure, and most of all FREEDOM. Readers will learn about the hardships of war, including a young boy's perspective of the winter at Valley Forge. Readers ages 10-12 will be wrapped up in the plot line of this historical fiction novel. This book will also give you a better understanding of how hard it was to be a slave ~ you will fully understand why they longed for freedom.

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  1. Slavery was an awful thing in our country's history, never to be repeated and war is also a devastating event. I can't imagine how hard both were to endure for a young man let alone a boy. We are so lucky to be living in this day and age. Good Job!