Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We look forward to summer with a sense of possibilities - upcoming vacations, reconnecting with friends and more free time to relax!  
At RES, we are excited to send our students off imagining lots of reading possibilities for themselves.  Reading is a must!  Books in the hands of children is critical as students continue to build reading skills, prevent summer reading loss and prepare for a successful new school year. Reading is the best antidote for “Summer Slide” in children’s reading achievement.
We are encouraging each student at the elementary level to read 6 books. Students entering Grades 1 and 2 have also been assigned a classic grade level story as part of their Summer 6.  Each student will receive a copy of this children’s classic to read and enjoy during the summer. Students in Grade 3-5 will read two required books of choice from a grade level list. In August, students will return the book to school and will complete a grade level reading project. In addition, a reading log will be sent home for students to join the Read S’more club ( 6 books). A celebration will be held in early September.  
As parents, we realize it can sometimes be a challenge to encourage children to read during the busy summer months. However, the support of adults is crucial in developing a fluent, happy reader. Reading is the most important lifelong skill we can help our children to learn and practice. Throughout the school year, students work on building a reading life, and the primary purpose for summer reading is for students to maintain their reading life during the summer months.
Summer reading suggestions have been sent electronically.  Please understand that the titles are just some ideas for reading. Choosing their own reading materials is extremely motivating to readers. We encourage you and your family to find your own favorites!  

All students will receive a summer reading packet. Look for this information in your child's communication folder.

Read, Read, Read S’more!!

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