Thursday, April 2, 2020

By the Book with Mrs. Brousseau, Special Education Teacher/Liaison

For middle children everywhere...

What kind of reader were you as a child? Which childhood books and authors stick with you most?
I loved reading as a child. I fondly remember my mother reading stories to my older sister and me when we were little.  She always made the books seem so exciting. I
learned to read when I was four, which I partly contribute to the frequency my mom read to us. I loved Shel Silverstein’s books, particularly Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic, and The Giving Tree. In fact, I still have my childhood copies of those three books. Another book that stuck with me was Judy Blume’s The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo. I still have that book too. I loved it because I was a middle child and felt that it spoke to me. I read almost all of Judy Blume’s books and Beverly Cleary’s books. As I got a little older I loved to read the Babysitter’s Club series by Ann M. Martin.  I even formed my own club with my friends.

Describe your ideal reading experience (when, where, what, how).

My favorite way to read a book is relaxing with my feet up by the lake. Every summer, my family and I vacation at the same lake and my favorite part of vacation is reading with my coffee in hand looking at the lake across the road or down on the beach as I soak in the sun (wearing sunscreen, of course)!

What’s the most interesting thing you learned from a book recently?

Most of my reading as of late has pertained to leadership as I finished my Ed.S. degree in Educational Leadership.  In reading “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell, I learned a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses which was incredibly enlightening.

You’re organizing a literary dinner party. Which three writers, dead or alive, do you invite?

I think if I was going to host a dinner party with three authors, I’d invite Mo Willems, Kate DiCamillo, and Shel Silverstein.


  1. I forgot about Judy Bloom yes every young preteen girl could identify! I remember my mother bringing home a big bag of books every time she took us to the library. Thanks for the memories!

  2. I would love to be at a dinner party with Shel Silverstein! If you haven't listened to him reciting his own poems, do so! They are magical!

  3. Yes, Judy Bloom was a huge part of my reading life!

  4. What a great dinner party that would be.
    What a rich fun time